Monday, March 30, 2009

Explore Chettinad

Karaikudi lies in the heart of Chettinad, 85 km from the famous temple town of Madurai. The Heritage tourism project is being implemented by DHAN Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based at Madurai, with a focus on community managed tourism initiatives.
A trip to this region reveals entrancing glimpses of the Chettiar's distinctive way of life.... a travel must-see, a heritage must do.... Explore, Engage, Experience.......the richness of the heritage of Chettinad.
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Explore Rural India

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Magnificent Chettinad Mansions

Chettinad houses are built on a rectangular, traversal plot that stretches across two streets, with the front door opening into the first street and the back into the second. Looking in from the main threshold, your eyes travels in a straight line across a series of inner courtyards, each a diminishing rectangle of light, leading out to the back door.
Dramatic in scale and ornate in design the mansions are a treasure trove offering visitors an insight to the multifarious elements of Chettiar lifestyle: Intricate wood carvings on doorways and furniture; Athankudi floor tiles, silk-smooth Chettinad egg plaster work, household bric a brac in glass and brass, porcelian and enamel, and massive successive doorways and pillars stretching to infinity......

Delectable Chettinad Cuisine

Among the various South Indian food varieties, the Chettinad style holds a special place in the taste buds of food lovers. The chettiars are well known for their delicious vegetarian preparations and their repertoire of food items is famous, as well as delicate - it includes noodle like dishes, carefully preserved sun-dried legumes and berries that the Chettiar ladies make into curries. Oil and spices are liberally used in Cooking !. Non- Vegetarian fare has an array of meat items, ranging from the ubiquitious chicken and mutton to exotic forest food such as dove, gowthari and duck. Rice is the mainstay of every meal.

Heritage Accomodation

SPIC Dealers Welfare Association Bangala at Kanadukaathan will charm you with its delightful setting and warm service, it is managed by the village community.
SPIC Dealers Welfare Association Bangala,+91 4565 283297

Rich Craft Traditions

The crafts of Chettinad occupy a distinct position in South Indian Folklore.Wood carving, hand made tiles, Silver embellishments, hand woven traditional Kandangi sarees, Palm leaf baskets, gold jewellery and egg plastering from the region are well acclaimed.

Athankudi Tiles

Athankudi tiles named after their place of manufacture in Chettinad, are handmade in myriad colours and patterns by a unique process using local soil.Visit a tile making unit to witness the magic of soil being converted into tiles...made possible because of the unique Athankudi sand and glass.